What is Investing? Investing क्या है? Episode 1 – Basics of Stock Market & Personal Finance

In this first episode of the Podcast Series, we’re going to talk about the fundamentals: i.e. Investing. People get confused between investing and the stock market. Don’t worry, this podcast will provide you clarification for your doubt, and will also clear some of the misconceptions that people have with regards to investing
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❤️Neeraj Arora
और हाँ ! सीखते रहे क्यूँकि सीखना बंद तो जीतना बंद

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  1. Chetneet Chouhan

    My key takeaways: Invest according to your age. Priorities for young people. (They should also try to invest in themselves first). Financially – invest in

    1. Index fund.
    2. Mutual funds (optional).
    3. then Direct equity.

    Right age to start investing is now. Start now.

    Thank you sir ji.


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