About CA Neeraj Arora

Hi, I am Neeraj Arora, a teacher by passion and a Chartered Accountant by training.
I have a YouTube Channel with the name of Neeraj Arora Classes which is the Number 1 YouTube channel for CA Students. Link: http://bit.ly/neerajarorayt
I upload :
* Study Guidance videos like How to crack CA Exams, Best time table tor studies,
* Motivational videos like reasons of failure and how to deal with failure, how to improve concentration
* Informative videos like ICAI Announcements, Covering important news updates,
* Detailed Analysis of topics like Auditing& Strategic Management
* Inspirational Series of videos in Baat-Cheet Series where I talk to students turned qualified chartered accountants or entrepreneurs or the ones who follow their passion.

My journey on YouTube has been quite a roller coaster. I started uploading videos on Youtube in 2012, but I wasn’t regular. It was only in 2016 that i got aggressive with my YouTube channel and started uploading videos on regular basis to help ca students.

I’d like to run you through some stats:

  • There are 253,369 Qualified Chartered Accountants in India. Every year close to 50,000 students appear for CA Exams. From 0 subscribers in 2012 to HALF a million subscribers in 2019.
  • I have uploaded more than 1800 videos on Youtube
  • My channel has received a watch time of 170 MILLION MINUTES.
  • My students are not only from India but from Nepal, Pakistan, Bangladesh, United Arab Emirates, USA, Saudi Arabia etc.

I have keen interest in subjects like Taxation, Auditing & Assurance, Strategic Management.
Other than this have interest in Excel & Value Investing.

On this channel, I make tutorials on various things like excel formulas and functions, excel shortcut keys, excel vlookup, excel pivot table, excel interview questions and much more.

Fin91 is a dedicated channel for the art of investing and accumulating wealth for oneself. We will be covering various topics like – value investing, stock analysis and behavioural finance.
Why I started Fin91?

  • Want to bring financial awareness so that you’re investing money in right places.
  • Want to help you all set up a retirement plan for yourself.
  • Want that everybody watching this channel should make money from stock market but through good practices.
  • Will share my knowledge on how investing in mutual funds works, how investing in stock market works